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 The List Keeps Growing


      I know you have read this paragraph before and it may be getting old for some but I can't leave it out yet, and too often I have to add a name to list.  This is just that time.

      There are times when we are playing that each of us,  Jimmy, Jim, and I, swear we can see old friends who have left us at the back of the crowd, near the end of the bar, or out of the corners of our eyes.  Friends that we came to know and now we miss deeply.  I like to think they are meeting at a special table where the drinks are always on the house.

     In the past year  I learned we lost one of The Dooley's Choraliers.   Cornelius "Neal" Quigley has stepped away from the stage and joined the rest of our good friends at the table.  I suspect there will be some great harmonies when Neal and Drew get back together.   I expect that Don Austin, Roy Cruze, Eddie Higgins, Joe Dwyer, Roy Tank, Tim Leogue, Bobby Welch, Alan Sokoloski, Charles Galloway, Drew Ellis,  my friend Karl and the rest will make any new comers welcome at their table.  I am sure my good friend Libby will have her own space at the table.  No longer needing her wheelchair or Liberator she will be chatting up a storm, telling jokes, and she will be running for the Guinness now because she can.

      In the past little while we have lost some folks that have been our friends for some time.  It seems like we just turned around and they had left the room.  Katherine, Carol, Margie, Nancy's Mom, and Jeannie are faces and singers we will miss.  It was a treat to get to know them.  I have a friend from Auburn who joined the crowd at The Table just this past autumn.   


      Peter Coleman has found his seat in 2021. 

      He'll never have to get up and serve a drink again unless he wants to.  Which is to say he probably will be tending bar and welcoming in the members as they arrive, just like he always has.

      Thirty four years ago this coming December I met Peter "Santa Claus" Coleman, he shook my hand, and he said, "Good to meet Ya! Merry Christmas!  Can you keep these guys in Key?"  I'm sure I said "Yes" and "It couldn't be too hard" or words to that effect.  And for thirty one years from behind the bar or in a chair near the door Peter always made me feel welcome as I walked in through the door with The Band when we came to play or with my wife when we came for dinner.  Peter was certainly an original.

           Our friend Jerry lost his mom this past winder.  Julie the Belle of the corner booth can now catch up Carol and Jeannie. 


          As hard as it has become it is good to remember the folks that make our lives memorable and say good bye when the time comes.  


                        Thanks a lot! And Happy Trails!  


                        Don Meixner


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