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The Band

  Jimmy        Jim            Don   

 "I hope we don't fall over."

"We will show up on time, We will start with Come In and we will finish with Good by Mike!  But what happens in-between can be up to you."

For  54 years The Flyin' Column has performed the folk music of Ireland, Scotland, and North America at festivals, weddings, and in some of the finer saloons in New York ​State, Pennsylvania, and Canada. 


                  "And we have never been late." 

In all that time band members may have changed, new songs come and sadly a few bandmates may have gone by the way but the show goes on.   


"We will show up on time, We still start with "Come In" and we will finish with "Good Bye Mike".  But what happens in-between can be up to you."   


The in-between has always been a mix of waltzes, sing-a-longs, and Irish ballads. With The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, The Kingston Trio,  The Rovers and The Corries as mentors The Column has taken the traditional songs of Ireland, Scotland and North America and created a style of their own.

"Three Men, six instruments, and a thousand songs."

The Flyin' Column continues to perform at the better Saloons and Irish Festivals in New York State.


Whatever your pleasure, Historic Ballads, Love Songs, Sing -A-longs  or even a little Rock and Roll The Flyin' Column can and will  fill the bill. 


The  Flyin' Column is made up of: 

Don Meixner on Guitar and 5-String Banjo, harmonica and  vocals.

Jimmy Flynn on bass guitar and vocals. 

Jim Sheridan on 6 and 12 string guitar, bouzouki, and vocals.

The Late Alan Taylor on Spiritual Guidance.



Cead Mile Failte

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